Remembering The English Alphabet

The alphabet is one of the first things students learn and one of the first things they forget.  I have caught out many an intermediate and even higher level student who claims to know the alphabet off by heart. They begin to recite it like a childhood nursery rhyme.

I stop them and get them to spell their full name – backwards!

For some, this is easy; for many it is not. Those who struggle always do so on the same handful of letters:

E, I, K, and Q. 

Certain languages cause issues with pronunciation of any letters, but these four letters are an issue for learners regardless of native language. Yet, there is a really simple way to remember the correct pronunciation and a really simple way to teach them. For example: ”Q’ is the last letter in ‘BBQ’.

By following this method, students will never forget – even after they have left the Beginners’ Class!


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